The following courses are offered within Geography:

Broad General Education

In S1 pupils will develop their map and atlas skills before looking in more depth at the geography of Perth.

Pupils in S2 will go on a trip around the world learning about countries in every continent before learning how the continents have been created in 'Earth Forces'.

S3 pupils will continue to develop their knowledge and skills, following the fourth level experiences and outcomes.

Senior Phase

National 4 and 5

At National 4 and 5, geographical skills such as map analysis, individual research and report writing will be developed through three units, 'Human', 'Physical' and 'Global Issues'.


At Higher level pupils need to attach real world contexts to theoretical situations through a variety of case studies.

Advanced Higher

Pupils will study three units, 'Geographical Methods and Techniques', 'Geographical Issues' and complete an individual research project called a 'Geographical Study'.

Environmental Science

Environmental Science courses at National 4, National 5 and Higher are offered in the department.

Advanced Higher Sma Glen Fieldtrip

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Social Studies


Miss S McKelvie (Faculty Leader of Social Subjects)

Mrs L. Macleod

Mrs A Walker


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Great Wall of China

Pupil Materials

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