Numeracy at Perth Academy

Perth Academy is committed to raising the standards of numeracy of all its students so that they develop the ability to use numerical skills effectively in all areas of the curriculum and the skills necessary to cope confidently with the demands of further education, employment and adult life.

Numeracy is a proficiency which involves confidence and competence with numbers and measures.  Students require the understanding of the number system, calculation skills and to have the ability to solve problems in a variety of contexts.  Numeracy also demands a practical understanding of the presentation of information, whether in tables, diagrams, charts or graphs.

Numeracy is crucial to the success of individuals in their career aspirations and their quality of life.  Strong numeracy skills are closely linked to the probability of having a good job, salary and access to training opportunities.  The complexity of today’s world means that students leaving Perth Academy need to be proficient in their understanding of number, calculations and problem solving skills.


Supporting your Child

Depending on your child’s numeracy level, the following documents contain the numeracy skills that they will be working on in classes and expected to display in their work across the curriculum.  Should you wish to support your child with numeracy, these documents provide a good starting point to check understanding and identify areas requiring additional attention. You can check which level is applicable by consulting your most up to date tracking report.

Level 2

Level 3


Paired Numeracy Pilot

Sometimes students arrive at Perth Academy with numeracy skills lower than Level 2. We are, this year, piloting a pair numeracy scheme which targets such pupils with the aim of improving outcomes and life chances for them by supporting them in a nurturing environment to boost their numeracy skills and give them more confidence and resilience to tackle problems involving numbers. You will have been informed if you child has been selected for this scheme.

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