PUPIL SUPPORT at Perth Academy

Our Support for Pupils team offer support to all pupils. We have a commitment to meet the needs of all children and young people, including those with additional support needs and are committed to achieving excellent outcomes for children and young people. This is done through a wide variety of support offered and close working partnerships with relevant agencies.

Entitlement to support All pupils need support to help them learn and develop. The needs of the pupils are central to the identification, planning and provision of support.. We aim to ensure that support provided is appropriate, proportionate and timely.

Universal Support

All staff at Perth Academy take a child-centred approach which promotes and supports wellbeing, inclusion, equality and fairness. All pupils are given planning opportunities to provide them with the right support to allow them to realise their potential for achievement. This support occurs within each classroom and is enhanced through the work undertaken as part of the Home Room structure.

Home Room

All children and young people should have frequent and regular opportunities to discuss their learning with an adult who knows them well and can act as a mentor, helping them to set appropriate goals for the next stages in learning. Young people themselves should be at the centre of this planning, as active participants in their learning and development. To this end, pupils have 30 minutes of Home Room time twice a week. Each home room class is made up of pupils from S1 to S6. Pupils meet with their Home Room Tutor to participate in Learning Conversations, reflect on personal achievement, set goals, study, discuss current affairs, develop pupil voice, have assemblies or fundraise. 


The Guidance system is co-ordinated by the Depute Rector (Support), Mr. Reid. Guidance teams currently (September 2017) are as follows:

HOUSE                       GUIDANCE TEAM                            TELEPHONE

ATHOLL                      Mrs K Dow                                        458011

                                    Mrs G Johnson                                 458018


BIRNAM                     Mrs C MacGregor                              458016

                                   Mrs D Riddell                                     458014


CLUNIE                      Mrs G Murray                                     458017

                                   Mrs A Walker                                       458015

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