Rector's Message


Welcome to Perth Academy

Can I start by expressing my thanks to the community of Perth Academy for the very warm welcome I have received since my arrival at the school.

On Monday I took the opportunity to meet with all pupils and was extremely impressed.  My discussions with colleagues ha also reinforced for me how fortunate we are to have a high quality of people in Perth Academy, supporting and challenging our young people in their learning.

While it is early days, I am impressed and excited in equal measure.  With our continued endeavour and your support I am confident we can achieve great things together for the benefit of our young people, our community and our City.

I had the pleasure of attending my first Parent Council meeting yesterday and already  recognise the creativity and commitment of those working for our benefit within this group. I would encourage any of you who have an interest in joining the parent forum to do so.

I look forward meeting with you in due course.

Johnny Lothian





Perth Academy
Murray Place, PERTH, Scotland

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