Within the English department students read a wide range of literature, including classic novels and more modern teenage fiction, plus plays by Shakespeare and contemporary playwrights, alongside poetry from a number of different significant poets.

Students develop their skills of analysis as they explore the texts that they study. Through a range of different teaching methodologies, students develop as readers and writers. Students are taught to write for a range of different audiences and purposes, from creative writing to analytical, essay writing.

Independent reading, or private reading, is also promoted across the department with learners encouraged to take home a book from the school library’s ever-increasing catalogue and we expect that every pupil reads for the first 10 minutes of each English lesson. Pupils also benefit from a range of extra-curricular activities including debating, public speaking, and many creative writing competitions.


Senior Phase

From National 4 to Advanced Higher English to Media and Communications & Literature, we offer a range of different Senior courses to ensure every pupil feels success. Within each course, pupils are exposed to a range of literature, including at least one from a Scottish background, and develop their critical thinking and analytical skills.

Pupils develop as writers as a core element of assessment for each course is a folio of learner’s work. Creative, personal, discursive, and persuasive writing skills are developed in each year of study with many pupils finding success in this area.


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