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Pupils on most courses will have regular homework tasks, but these can take many forms.  

Online tasks, worksheets, preparation for writing or talking assessments, vocabulary-learning.....   All are valuable activities which help pupils build confidence and make progress.

Learning homework is just as important as written homework, and pupils can practise in many different ways including using modern media.   Parents can help here too, even if they don't know the language concerned.   You can take your child's vocabulary notes and ask questions, ask for spellings, etc.

For S1 and S2 online homework see below.


S1 and S2 online homework


The web-address is  

S1 pupils have been given their usename and password.   They must be careful to use capital letters as shown, and not to include spaces.

When you log in, look at the top of the screen for "tasks".   Any open tasks are current, and they may consist of 2 or 3 exercises.   

Remember that there is the option of sending your teacher feedback about the homework.

If you can't access the Internet at home, use the school library computers - they have been specially set up so that you can do this, and you are given a week for a homework assignment so that you are sure to have the chance to get on a school computer.

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