S4 Information

My world of work

My world of work can help to make your choices and inform your decisions, click the link to take you to their website. Discover skills that is right for you.

S4 Subject Information

Click below for all subject information. Please note that some subjects may be for S5 or S6 only.

Interested in a college course? Here is what to do next:

Speak to your Guidance teacher.

Make sure you select it on your course choice form in the correct column. Also choose a school back-up option in the event the course does not run

All applications for college courses must be completed online.

If you are planning on continuing a college course from S3 to S4 you have to apply again online.

After submitting your application form you will be invited to an interview by the college staff.

Important information to consider:

College course may run at different times or columns from the school timetable, this means that you may miss some classes in the week.

You have to make your own way to and from college, which can make you late for the class after lunch.

You will be given a catch up period on your timetable, where you do self-study and are responsible for catching up on any work you miss from being at college.

To find out more about courses click one of the links below:

School-Link Courses at Perth College.

Foundation Apprenticeship Courses at Perth College.

Are you a Christmas Leaver?

If you are in S4 and turning 16 before 30 September 2023, you can leave school after 31 May 2023. However, if your 16th birthday falls between 1 October 2023 and last day of February 2024 you are a winter leaver. Winter leavers cannot leave school until the start of the 2023 Christmas holidays.

If you are a winter leaver you can choose to stay on at school for S5 or you can consider a full time college course instead. If you fall into this category, you should discuss the options open to you with your Guidance Teacher.

All S4s who are planning to leave school at the end of S4, either in the summer or the winter should have an appointment with your Careers Adviser to discuss options.