Bullying behaviour is unwanted and uninvited verbal, physical, emotional or online conduct which causes distress and harm to the person experiencing it. The behaviour may be intentional or unintentional, can cause physical or emotional harm, may be repeated over time or be a one-off incident. Bullying is a combination of behaviours and the impact they have. It can be a range of behaviours and take many forms, but it is never acceptable and shouldn’t be tolerated.

At Perth Academy we follow the Perth & Kinross anti-bullying startegy and encourage members of our community to recognise bullying behaviour and act to challenge and stop such behaviours.

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Any student or parent who has any concerns over bullying behaviour should make contact with a member of staff, usually the Guidance Teacher in the first instance. We will do everything we can to keep members of our community safe, challenge bullying behaviour and support community members to resolve issues.

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Anti- bullying support for parents and carers parents.pdf    

Anti-bullying support for students students.pdf

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