Additional Support Needs

The Support Department assists pupils, groups and classes throughout the school. The Pupil Support Assistants play an important role in supporting young people on a short or long-term basis. They provide a range of supports to enable pupils to access learning at an appropriate level. The PSA team also work in the Zone, the Hub and our Nurture Provision. Our PSAs are dedicated to helping our young people in every way they can.

The Pupil Support Teachers are aligned to house teams and undertake assessments to identify barriers to learning and identify the best ways to support young people in class. They create Pupil Support Overviews, key learning documents shared with subject teachers, and act as links for young people between guidance staff and classrooms. Pupil Support Teachers deliver Outreach lessons, Targeted Attainment Work and individual or small group sessions within and outwith our Nurture Provision. Some of our PSTs work directly with young people with specific learning difficulties or specific needs. They also teach classes providing access to wider accreditation courses, such as Rural Skills, ESOL qualifications and Steps for Work.