Additional Support Needs

Support For Learning Team

Principal Teacher- Mrs A Brooks

In addition to teaching, our Support for Learning staff work closely with subject departments and the Guidance/House teams. We assess the level of pupils' needs during Primary School as well as monitoring progress during their transition to Perth Academy and throughout their school journey. We also meet with parents to discuss reports and the support provision for their children.

We have a whole school approach to learning in that all teachers’ support the needs of pupils at all levels of ability. This can be done in normal classes through consultation, and with learning support specialists and teachers working together with pupils in a classroom. We try to ensure that materials and methods are appropriate.

Targeted Support

Targeted support is any additional focused support which pupils may require for short or longer periods of time to help them overcome barriers to their learning. For example, a pupil who;

• Is particularly gifted

• Is bereaved

• Is being bullied

• Has behavioural, learning or social communication difficulties

• Has a hearing, visual or physical impairment

• Is a looked after child

• Does not attend school regularly. Very often, the necessary support will be provided by the subject teacher in the class, pupil support and guidance teachers.

The Principal Teacher of Support for Learning (Mrs Brooks) works with the house groups and class teachers and is responsible for the deployment of support teachers and pupil support assistants. Pupil support assistants help staff and pupils to meet learner’s needs within mainstream classes or through various targeted support strategies.

Identification of support needs

A thorough transition process occurs for pupils with identified needs before they start at Perth Academy. Please refer to our school handbook for further information.

Information on The Education (Additional Support for Learning) (Scotland) Act 2009 is provided by Enquire and Reach – the Scottish advice service for additional support for learning. Operated by Children in Scotland, Enquire / Reach offers independent, confidential advice and information on additional support for learning through:

• A telephone helpline – 0845 1232303

• An email enquiry service –


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